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E3 2007: Wii Zapper

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo unveil their "Wii Zapper" a new accessory designed to house your Wiimote & Nunchuk to transform it into a light gun.

So far we know this accessory has been designed for use with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles from Capcom and Ghost Squad from Sega.

The accessory will be bundled with a demonstration game similar to Wii Play, the package will retail for only $19.99 (thats £10-15).

Nintendo have released a video showing off the new accessory in conjunction with Resident Evil.

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Dazza said:

That guy in the video is having hours of fun! The zapper does look ridicious but I bet it is comfortable and fun to play using which is the most important thing.

Umbrella chronicles should be amazing using this periperhal

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