US VC Releases - 12th March

A trio of games this week for you lucky American Wii owners - although it's something of a mixed bag, it has to be said. On one hand we have the excellent (if a little crusty looking) Tecmo Bowl. Back in the days of the NES this was one of the finest representations of American Football money could buy, and thankfully the years have been very kind - the game is as much fun in multiplayer as it ever was! Until EA decide to bless us with the Megadrive/Genesis version of John Madden Football, this ranks as one of the best sporting options on the Virtual Console.

Sadly, the two other releases are very poor. Sonic Spinball is bound to catch the attention of all the Sega fanboys out there, but be warned - the game is something of a stinker, being a rather dodgy fusion of platforming and pinball that never really clicks properly. The PC Engine/Turbografx RPG Double Dungeons is awful and should be avoided in the same way you would shun an annoying relative.