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Two New Japanese DS Adverts

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Recently in Japan Nintendo broadcast adverts for the forthcoming Pokemon and Mario Hoops titles.

The Pokemon advert reveals a slight more about the game. For instance we get to see the map of Shinou, weather effects are now present, a new electric type Pokemon is shown (no name given) and there appears to be some mode where you can customize your Pokemon with items.

The advert is all we have to go on until Nintendo clarify said aspects of the game, take a look at the it and decide for yourself:

The Mario Hoops 3 on 3 video shows the new characters as reported earlier and, more importantly, it shows how the players will be controlling the game mostly through the touchscreen. Again, you can see for yourself below:

It is important that we take note in the fact Luigi beat Mario in that advert, proving once and for all who is the superior brother

It is great to see Nintendo advertising its DS games, lets hope the same happens for outside of Japan as well.


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ReInstall said:

I hope you don't have to touch the screen for every bounce of the ball, like in the ad



Nanaki said:

It looks like you do tbh. It might work better than it looks.

I will get Mario Hoops 3 on 3 even if its the worst game ever, Moogles + Basketball = Unmissable



DarkHadou said:

i love the graphic style of pokemon d/p battle scenes could have been better but this game is gonna kick ass and the fact u can trade and battle of the net is even better

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