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Revolution To Launch At Under $300

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the new upcoming Nintendo Revolution will cost under $300.

The much speculated Revolution launch price has today been confirmed, in an interview with Yahoo Japan, that the system will cost under $300. Whether this is $299 or $199 we really don't know. We actually expected a slightly lower price in the US at launch.

This puts the Revolution cheaper than the core Xbox 360 bundle and no doubt way cheaper than Sony's PlayStation 3. This isn't strictly surprising as Nintendo have been hinting a "lower" price point for months, saying its part of the different approach the company is making with the Revolution console.

Translated into real money, $300 weighs in at around £150. Sadly it seems everything costs more in the UK, so with that in mind it would be more like £189. We're not expecting any final price announcements in the short term, but we reckon you'll be able to pick one up for around £149 on launch.

We hope so anyway.


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Nanaki said:

That will be nice if it actually does retail at £149.99. For that price I may get a US machine as well to play the games I have no patience to wait for ^.~



antdickens said:

Yeah, I imported my Gamecube, its a original JAP/NTSC one that plays US games aswell. It was alittle hassle actually getting it, you have to pay import tax most of the time. But you had it a good 3-4 months early and all the games come out long before PAL and significantly cheaper.

I'll certainly been keeping an eye on a US or even JAP machine again.



ReInstall said:

Didn't you buy 2 in the end ant?

£150 sounds good. I hope it gets a worldwide release like the xbox 360, better preorder mine now



The_Stig said:

I doubt they'll be any need to preorder the Revolution, as basically everyone is interested in PS2 and all the endless crap games being released get bought over and over again, people forget the poor old GC.

And if everything is correct, with the PS3 and Revolution being released close together, PS3 will sell out and Revolution be left behind.

I bet that's what happens but I really hope it doesnt.

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