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Classic Sega To Be Part Of The Revolution?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Sega are officially "intrigued" by the virtual console in the upcoming Revolution console. Does that mean classic Sega games will make an appearance?

One of the unique selling points of Revolution will be the "Virtual Console". The software will emulate our old favourites from the NES, Snes and N64 allowing us to re-live all those magic moments.

We've had little response as to how exactly the feature will work and what games will be available. We also know its technically possible to emulate any of these past systems and make all the games available.

We already know that one of the major features of Nintendo's next-gen Revolution is the machine's ability to download and play a whole heap of the company's classic games, via the wonders of emulation and the like.

Nintendo has been approaching other developers in the hope of securing a much wider library of titles to tantalise and tempt Revolution owners.

It now seems that its possible that Sega might jump on the idea and include some titles. Virtual Mega Drive on your Revolution sir? Yes please. Time will tell on this one.

Be sure to keep your eyes here as the story develops.


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Nanaki said:

There are a few Sega games that would be good to see on the Revolution, just please no more Sonic compilations!



The_Stig said:

Very interesting indeed, but the controller configuration maybe harder and it was completly different to all the others, if I remember rightly...



antdickens said:

Don't forget the Revolution is compatible with the Gamecube controller, I think I've read that nintendo will release an addtional, traditional controller aswell.

Maybe we'll have a compatible pad for all the old systems.



Nanaki said:

Wouldnt supprise me that if Sega will release a lot of retro games that they will create a controler to use with it.



Knux said:

Yep, Sega has supported the VC a LOT, and are still supporting it! Long live Sega! Now Sega, release Sonic & Knuckles on the VC!

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