Can't wait either? Now, thanks to someone on IGN, you can look at a virtual Revolution controller for aslong as you so wish. You can tease yourself for the next 9 months by spinning, zooming and rotating your imaginary Revolution controller.

Ok Ok, we admit this is a pretty pointless story, but the 3D model in this mini java applet is actually pretty impressive. Good job.

IGN go on to tell us some pretty decent information on how the new controller will interact with our bodies.

"The peripheral communicates wirelessly using Bluetooth technology with a motion sensor bar placed on or near a television to provide gamers with full control freedom within a virtual 3D box. The controller interprets movements in the X, Y and Z axes, which means that it reads and translates horizontal and vertical motion, as well as depth. It, in essence, becomes an extension of the player, reading their movements and applying them to any given game situation. For example, thrusting the controller forward might cause legendary hero Link to do the same with his sword in a new Revolution Zelda title. Or, the peripheral could stand in for a mouse on a computer, effectively providing unparalleled precision aiming in a first-person shooter. The applications are practically limitless."

Now, where did I put that 3D printer?