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In the year 2013, civil unrest across the globe has prompted world leaders to merge the police and military into a single force called the Department of Control.

This force is opposed by a resistance made up of former military members who refused to join the Department. Marco is one of them, and the game tells his story. Join Marco as he is deployed on a mission to destroy scrambler devices placed around the city. Created to reflect the realities of urban warfare, the game requires players to take cover behind walls and other obstacles as they strive to defeat enemies and advance to the next post.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Shockin' awful

Here at Nintendo Life we pride ourselves on reviewing every downloadable game and application released for the Wii and DSi. As a reviewer this may mean reviewing games in genres you might not regularly play, and there's also the risk of playing a bad...

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User Comments (11)



Porky said:

This game looks awesome for wiiware! Ill download it if the review is good.



@kevenz - what are you talking about? First of all the "n64-like gfx on da wii" is and old and dumb lie and second, this game actually has worst graphics than others on wiiware.

It looks fun stil.



XCWarrior said:

My biggest fear is the length of the game, but it has my attention, that's for sure.



Streakk said:

Looks like you might have to use stealth tactics...or at least it seems like its not just a run n' gun. Looks like it could turn out good though!

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