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Triple Shot Sports is the most advanced recreational shooting game available for WiiWare, immersing the player in the world of competitive target shooting.

Most Olympic events consist of activities that are traditionally derived from hunting and combat skills. Over time these practices have evolved into a variety of competitive sports that include Archery, Pistol Shooting and Free Rifle.

As with real life shooting events you will have full control over the aim of the weapon. You must also take into account the prevailing weather conditions and the athleteĆ­s breathing pattern as these can both influence the accuracy of the shot.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Shooting pain? Get relief fast - don't play!

In the promotional literature, developer Code Monkeys claim that Triple Shot Sports is "the most advanced recreational shooting game available for WiiWare." Well, with its presentation of Olympic shooting events it's certainly unique, but the...

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jangonov said:

I agree, this looks awful. Porting an iphone game to wiiware is not good. The iphone's screen is how big? and I have a 32" HDTV. I am not a graphics centric person, but I at least want them to try.




This shouldn't be too hard to port considering wii pointer style controls but looksd as though its a disaster. We shall see though eh...



3DSx6iRL said:

Triple Shot Sports Coded by Monkeys. I wasted 500 points on this ?? I thought it'd be something worthy but I guess this is another Wiiware that's going in my list of waste downloads and Wii Points. Terribly made and the controls suck ! Want Archery ? Play Wii Sports Resort and save your Wii Points for something more worthy.



yowzayowza said:

Press "A" to raise your pistol? Press "Z" AND shake the nunchuk to reload? Am I missing something here?
Maybe I expect too much from a company writing code for a game system that employs, buttons, infrared and AN ACCELEROMETER for input, but why in the world would I press a button to raise my pistol when it should detect the motion for me?
As soon as I downloaded this practically useless, NOT fun game, I ran over to the store and picked up a little Wii shotgun controller shell. I soon found that, for this game, the pain and suffering involved in cramming the nunchuk into the stock area was for naught, because Triple Shot Sports utilizes almost none of what one might assume a shooting game would employ.
All of those words above means, IMHO, this game stinks and I'm 500 points poorer for it. Should have done my homework,

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