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United States

Sat 5th Jun 2010

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yowzayowza commented on Triple Shot Sports:

Press "A" to raise your pistol? Press "Z" AND shake the nunchuk to reload? Am I missing something here?
Maybe I expect too much from a company writing code for a game system that employs, buttons, infrared and AN ACCELEROMETER for input, but why in the world would I press a button to raise my pistol when it should detect the motion for me?
As soon as I downloaded this practically useless, NOT fun game, I ran over to the store and picked up a little Wii shotgun controller shell. I soon found that, for this game, the pain and suffering involved in cramming the nunchuk into the stock area was for naught, because Triple Shot Sports utilizes almost none of what one might assume a shooting game would employ.
All of those words above means, IMHO, this game stinks and I'm 500 points poorer for it. Should have done my homework,