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United States

Wed 21st Apr 2010

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3DSx6iRL commented on Art of Ink:

Does anyone have tips as to how to not make the customer shriek in pain ? I'm becoming very annoyed by the fact that all I did was make a teensy little dot and the customer says OUCH. So I release the stylus to let the pain meter go down then touch the tattoo design again only to have the customer shriek in pain again. Is this game touch sensitive or is there some kinda secret to etching without the customer feeling the pain so bad ??



3DSx6iRL commented on Triple Shot Sports:

Triple Shot Sports Coded by Monkeys. I wasted 500 points on this ?? I thought it'd be something worthy but I guess this is another Wiiware that's going in my list of waste downloads and Wii Points. Terribly made and the controls suck ! Want Archery ? Play Wii Sports Resort and save your Wii Points for something more worthy.



3DSx6iRL commented on Art of Balance:

It was entertaining but not one that lasted. You can finish all four worlds in a day if you want. Most challenges can be done easily and a few took a couple tries but it needs more.