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Trogdor, the beefy-armed dragon of legend, has shaken free from his video game and is running through the countryside, “burninating” everything in sight. With a dragon on the loose and 8-bit classics leaking into the real world, it’s all fun and games until the proud land of Strong Badia falls to Trogdor’s fiery wrath. Now Strong Bad must take back the night by sending this scorching menace back into his arcade cabinet once and for all. Just one problem: Does anybody know how to kill a dragon?

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Strong Bad goes 8-bit in the final installment of the SBCG4AP series

Dry those tears, folks - it’s finally time for the last episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People! Surely they’ve saved the best for last?At the very least, they do tie up some loose ends. For example, we’ve seen a broken Trogdor...

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Wiiloveit said:

This one sounds fairly good - but will it be better than episode four? Still, I'll probably end up waiting until January or even February if NoE carry on the way they're going.



Terra said:

It had to end sometime. Still, that doesn't mean that there won't be more Homestar Runner games like this.

There could be a second series, unless i've missed something about Telltale saying there won't be one. i haven't have i?



StarDust4Ever said:

Buying them all five on CD-ROM for 35 dollars is a good idea, provided it's not encumbered with crap DRM technology. If this last episode is truly rendered in 8-bit retro style, I may end up getting it for the Wii as well.



cheeseman said:

@Wiiloveit, Post 10
I third that :D
This is my favorite of all the episodes
1: 8-bit is enough
2: Strongbadia the free
3: Baddest of the bands
4: Homestar ruiner
5: Dangeresque 3
They are all great and I give the series a 9/10

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