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Play with Birds is an original cartoon bird game for players of all ages.

Fly through the city and play dozens of bird minigames, including Birdman, Catch Thief and Bird Race. Become famous and find a bird to build a nest with. Play with Birds is focused on the lifelong adventures of a small bird in a city, from hatching to finding a partner to building a nest and establishing a family.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Play with Turds

Last year, the revamped WiiWare version of the beloved indie game La Mulana was delayed upon its submission by publisher Nicalis, as it was deemed "not good enough” by Nintendo's quality control team. Nicalis must have sent Nintendo a dirty diaper...

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Nintendo Download: 11th April 2011 (North America)

11th April 2011 (North America)

Ink, birds, slingos and prisons

It's that time on a Monday again: here's the delicious downloadable delights dished out today, hoping to separate you from the numeric currency locked away within your DSi and Wii consoles. WiiWarePlay with Birds (Games Farm, 500pts) — A mix of avian-themed minigames that takes you through the life of a cartoon bird that moves to a city, finds a partner and settles..

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Marioman64 said:

an open world wiiware game? as silly as this game looks on the outside I might have to keep my eyes on this one and wait for the review.

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