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Sun 28th Sep 2008

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Ultronator commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

I see no reason to feel pity for Nintendo not adding online because it would've taken too much extra time. Maybe if they didn't release the 3DS so damn early without any appealing launch titles they wouldn't be in this mess to begin with... "Oh, we need to release good games very soon or else people will hate the 3DS". It's not like Sony was rushing the Vita out the door. Come to think of it, if the 3DS launched for this holiday season instead of when it did, it probably would've sold great at its original price given that it seems there will be a good handful of games available in the next few months. Oh well, guess I'll start hoping that they release a sequel to this with online multiplayer in a few years (although hoping for a sequel to original Star Fox 64 didn't work too well for the past 10 years).



Ultronator commented on Talking Point: The Second Circle Pad and the 3...:

Nintendo's primary method of control (Wiimote + nunchuck) for the Wii generation didn't need a second analog stick. Why do they all of a sudden think it's so critical to have one now? It almost seems as if the second analog stick is Nintendo's knee jerk reaction to not many people caring for the 3D aspect of the system. I can almost hear some top-ranking Nintendo exec saying, "Oh, the 3D is no longer a touted feature, so we need to add something else so the 3DS can have at least X cool features, otherwise, it'll never sell!" I say they shouldn't even bother with it. I think the 3DS has enough interesting features on its own that developers are going to be plenty interested in producing games for it.



Ultronator commented on Review: Mario Kart 64 (Virtual Console / Ninte...:

@Corbie, I was really hoping this would be a proper review of Mario Kart 64 on the virtual console and not a copy and paste of a review of Mario Kart 64 in general. Comparing it to Super Mario Kart is nice, but ultimately not what people come here to read. I was hoping to see the VC version compared to the original N64 version. I was wondering about things like the accuracy of the emulation, how well the controls translate to Wii/Gamecube controllers, and any glitches or other notable things that occur. You guys always do such a good job with this and it seems like you really dropped the ball and got lazy with this review. So, for anyone wanting to know about the Virtual Console specific version, here's what I noticed: 1) The controls translate quite nicely and once you get used to them, I think they exceed those of the N64. The one thing I noticed about them is that it seems far easier to spin out in the 150cc mode when you make a sharp turn (moving the control stick from left to right quickly, or vice versa). 2) The music skips sometimes, but it is generally not a problem. It's almost as if the game slows down just a bit to mess up the music. 3) The biggest concern I had was that the game seems to randomly speed up and slow down depending on the level and/or number of players. Now, I seem to remember something like this happening on the original N64 version, however, it seems to be much more chaotic on the Virtual Console version. Sometimes a level will play really fast, for instance, and make it very difficult to control. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has this opinion.



Ultronator commented on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Edition...:

@James, I'd be willing to bet that the number of people who want the controller but not the game would be next to none. After all, what other game are they gonna use it to play? Now if you're going to complain about anything it should be that there isn't a bundle with a diamond encrusted sword attachment for the controller.



Ultronator commented on Review: Sonic & Knuckles (Virtual Console / Se...:

It looks like the Sonic 3 & Knuckles combination on the Wii does not copy over your Sonic 3 data. This means if you previously bought Sonic 3 on the VC and completed the game with several characters you cannot resume those saved games when you play S3&K. S3&K seems to start with all the save files blank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember the original S3&K cartridge on the genesis letting you resume from your Sonic 3 data. Of course I could've just forgotten over the years.



Ultronator commented on Wii Sales Starting to Crash?:

These are the games I think we can expect Nintendo to release for the hardcore in the near future:
Pikmin 3
Mario Galaxy 2
Another Metroid title
Zelda (it's due)
Kid Icarus (far too many rumors to ignore this one)
If they spread half of these over 2010 and half over 2011, it should keep the hardcore more than happy. Releasing them all at once like they did back in 2007, with most of their first party games, would be a mistake.

To keep the casuals happy, you've got Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, and whatever vitality sensor game they can come up with.

It shouldn't be that hard for them to keep the momentum going now. There are more Wii consoles in peoples homes than there are xbox360s or ps3s. They have the high ground.



Ultronator commented on Review: Altered Beast (Virtual Console / Virtu...:

This game is so hilariously bad, I find it entertaining. Now the thing for me is, the worse the port is, the more entertaining I find it to be. I actually thought the arcade version wasn't as good because it didn't have the horrible sound quality and voice overs that the genesis one had. And if you wanna take a step further into the abyss, try playing the genesis version ported to the Dreamcast Sega classics collection. Oh, and how about the ZX spectrum youtube and you will be amazed that they even bothered to port it.