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Save the Moki Moki!

It's a mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzler. The Moki are being devoured by the voracious Gromblins, and it's up to you to guide the hapless little guys to safety. Bend, twist and rotate the environment to herd the Moki through a series of brain-teasing puzzles. Along the way, you'll have to contend with deadly pitfalls, spinning blades and shifting gravity. Roll Moki down ramps, grab them with hooks and blast them with jets to guide them safely to the portals

Challenge your skills in 100 unique levels.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Murky Moki jokey

If there's a common complaint heard in these parts it's that there's too many puzzle games on the WiiWare service. Well, we take issue with that. Yes there are lots of puzzle games, but as long as a game has merit there cannot really be too many, can...

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KeeperBvK said:

A...puzzle game on WiiWare?! Thank you Natsume for this piece of innovation...




Bring these puzzle games on please! ;-)

Hardly any decent ones on wii retail anyway! This looks good btw...




I actually remember this being talked about in a Japanese release schedule a few months back. Looked a bit world of goo, loco rocco, nigh game - esque....If it works well as a game, i'm in!



Porky said:

NA is getting this Dec 14 and Europe is getting this Dec 18, I wonder what the game looks like.



Orgone said:

Really good addictive game with tons of levels and no motion control.

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