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Relax your mind with the ancient game of tiles.

Mahjong features 30 layouts of the traditional tile-matching game in 3D, each with millions of different shuffles to play. The game's style and interface has been designed for easy intuitive operation with the Wii Remote™ controller - zooming is possible with the push of a button. The graphics can be customized with six fabulous tile-sets and a wide variety of backgrounds.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the endless challenge with this Mahjong game collection. Additional brain-sharpening challenges come with the extra mini-games "Memory" and "Matching".

Game supports texts in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Sean Aaron

A decent first effort at a classic patience game

If you saw the name of this game and thought it was going to be that game your grandmother played with her friends a la "The Joy Luck Club" you'll probably be disappointed to find that this is just a solitaire matching game. The blame lies with...

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MAddogz said:

this is mahjong patience... this has nothing to do with the game mahjong



StarDust4Ever said:

My mother loves to play Mahjong on the computer. You'd think the game was a no brainer, but it is very easy to get stuck when there are for or more identical tiles that can be taken. Once as a teen, I was playing Taipei (the Microsoft version for Win3.1 and higher) on the family Windows 95 computer, and ended up with one pair of tiles left, stacked on top of one another :|

I may get this, and maybe Solitare too, for my mom and fiance to play on the Wii.



motang said:

@StarDust Yeah same here, my mother also loves it and plays it all the time on my computer, so I will be buying her this one when it comes out in the US.

and ended up with one pair of tiles left, stacked on top of one another

That sucks, that hasn't happened to me yet on Ubuntu's version or Win7's version.



Ratengo said:

FYI: 東南西北 stands for the four cardinal directions: 'East', 'South'. 'West' and 'North'. :)



StarDust4Ever said:

@montag: It was really probably my own fault. If I'm down to mostly one layer of tiles across the board, and there are 3 "#" tiles in plain view, and one of them is stacked upon another hidden tile, then it would be foolish to take the remaining two "open" tiles first, seeing as that 4th "#" tile is probably under the third. Simularly, I've gotten stuck with "abab" patterns as well.

Are they ever going to release this stateside???

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