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  • US 31st Jan 2011, 200 points
  • EU 22nd Oct 2010, 200 points
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    Pay the same, get less

    Mahjong titles were strangely absent from all of Nintendo's download services for a long time, but this year there seems to have been a sudden explosion of them. This is about the fifth mahjong game we've had this year, so is there really anything new here? Probably the best of the previous offers has been Simply Mahjong. For...

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About The Game

One of the oldest games on the planet is brought to life in a new and dynamic way.

Players will be able to navigate their way through numerous tricky levels designed to test the mind.

For those seeking a challenge or those new to the format, difficulty levels can be altered to match a range of abilities. The wickedly complex and challenging levels can be played out across a series of beautifully drawn backdrops. Master each puzzle and use powerful extras such as Dynamite, Whirlwind and Hourglass to become the uncontested Mahjong champion.

Players will enjoy endless hours of fun in Single-Player or 2-Player Mode by taking on a friend on a Nintendo DSi.