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Enter the world of Little Tournament Over Yonder.

Play as a young Prince or Princess leading your team through numerous battles. Plan and deploy your units to gain strategic advantages. Launch real-time battles between units and fight hard, fight fast, fight smart. Build your team, hire new units with different powers; groom them with battle experience to gain level.

This is a game that involves strategy-planning and real-time fast-paced fighting. This is the game for the complete warrior, one who works his mind and his muscles.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It can stay over yonder for all we care!

The strategy genre is not a very popular one on WiiWare - aside from the RTS game Swords & Soldiers, there's no real "traditional" offerings available. Little Tournament Over Yonder finally gives us a turn-based strategy game, although it...

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User Comments (6)



Slipurson said:

Its like chess, but not as many pieces and when u move one of your characters close to the enemy and engage in fighting, your character and the enemies character gets placed in an arena where you use the nunchuck to control your char, press A to do a primary attack with whatever weapon you are wielding or press B to do a secondary attack that is alittle more powerfull but takes a few seconds to recharge.

So if you expect Heroes of might and magic-style combat you wont get it, but i still sort of like the way the battles are played out, and again to compare it to HOMM its quite abit slower,

I have not played it for long, and it wasnt really hard to understand the controlls (they are always displayed at the bottom of the screen), but i missed some kind of tutorial to show of the usefullness of chains, and making sure your chars are standning close to eachother on the "board".

Didnt get to switch around chars in the "teams" and also still got to try the versus-mode. so i cant really put a score on the game.



KrazyKain said:

never heard of it, but it sounds fun, i've been looking for something to throw my 800 points at, so here it is



KrazyKain said:

ok so i got it, and played it... despite being sickeningly cute, its actually a really fun game.. but i cant shake the feeling that it should have been online multiplayer... alas, this is the case with most wiiware games (swords and soldiers?)

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