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Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is the second game developed by Cosmonaut Games, and it will be distributed online through Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service.

“It was in the Great Medes Monastery, in 1412, where Martin I “The Human”, leader of an Order of the Temple and long-time resident of the island, was buried. The secrets of the Order were also buried with him, where they would be sealed in the same crypt and kept through the centuries. But two hundred years later, an earthquake split the island in two and the crypt disappeared into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.”

This is the start of the story that will take John Sanders, the hero, on an adventure through the 10 levels that make up the came “DIVE: The Medes Islands Secret”, a Platform/Action game that is rooted on the Medes Islands, a fantastic protected natural landscape located at the heart of the Costa Brava in catalonia, Spain.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret recreates underwater scenes from 10 different real locations from around the world, with large levels filled with enemies, mazes, dangers and treasures. It contains an economic system that will enable players to exchange or upgrade their diving equipment, which is required to reach the deepest mysteries.

Key Features

  • Spectacular graphics. The marine flora and fauna have been recreated in detail, making the most of the Wii™’s graphics and storage capacities of the WiiWare™ service.
  • 3 Levels of difficulty. Three different levels of difficulty have been prepared, suited to the requirements of the players.
  • 10 Levels: Accompanied by 10 different real locations. During his adventure, John Sanders will travel to the Medes Islands, Cap de Creus, Cayman Islands, Tortuga Island, Bermuda or Santorini.
  • Size of the Levels: The levels are very large and filled with mazes and enemies that will make it difficult to achieve the objectives.
  • Treasures: There is a wide variety, from sunken ships to ancient underwater civilizations.
  • Reusability: With different objectives at each level, players can return to any one of them to complete them, lengthening the total playing time.
  • Shop: Economy system and ability to manage diving equipment. Without the necessary upgrades, players will not be able to reach certain areas of the game. Players can upgrade their Wetsuit, Diving Cylinders, Fins, Speargun and Diving Torch.
  • Achievements: Where the treasures and discoveries achieved by the player during the adventure can be viewed.
  • Expedition Diary: Where John Sanders will reveal the different plots in the game’s story.
  • Enemies of all types, from giant Octopuses to Sharks, as well as Barracudas, Jellyfish or Manta Rays.
  • Use of the most relevant features of the Wii Remote™
  • Orchestral soundtrack that accompanies the entire game and was composed by El Topo Negro.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

As much relaxing as it is fun

Dive: The Medes Island Secret marks the second WiiWare release from developer Cosmonaut and a far more ambitious project than its first release 5 Spots Party was. This time around, players will get the opportunity to explore vast underwater depths in...

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COSMONAUT show us a teaser trailer for their upcoming WiiWare platform/adventure game: Dive: The Medes Islands Secret. More information at Nintendo Life.

User Comments (8)



ToxieDogg said:

@Scottie I'm wondering if it has too? Even though I really enjoyed the demo, I have no intention of downloading it if it still has the bugs that were mentioned during initial reviews. Anybody else know anything??



Yasume said:

@ToxieDogg: No, the bugs are still there. I played it for the first time yesterday and I encountered 2 bugs that prevented me from reaching small treasures.



DeQuimet said:

I contacted Cosmonaut Games about the bugs preventing to get some small treasures, and they responded by offering me a free game. They also said that, using their own words, "we are not sure if we will be able to release a new update in order to correct this bug". I honestly wonder what could prevent them in doing so, as Nicalis released a patch for Cave Story on WiiWare...

That said, it is unfortunate the only choices I have for my free game are Inkub and 5 Spots Party. Nevertheless, free is free and I won't complain! I will take 5 Spots Party hoping to enjoy it with my 3 years old son.



ToxieDogg said:

Ah....that sucks I appreciate that the main game can be played through and completed, but to me it's losing some of it's lifespan if I have no incentive to try and do everything (due to the fact that bugs make it impossible). I think I'd likely get annoyed wasting my time trying to get certain treasures only to find out later that there's no way of getting them ever. So I'll pass

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