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The village residents are hungry for the latest in foliage fashion, and it's up to you-the new barber-to fix them up. Use the tools of your trade: scissors, clippers, spray can, and more, in this humorous, first-of-its-kind "first-person-groomer" game.

Bonsai Barber features a colourful cast of twelve intriguing customers, including a temperamental shallot starlet (don't call her an onion!), an oddball strawberry boffin, a cactus cowboy, a daredevil carrot, and a suave banana with top-secret clearance and a license to peel.

Each day, five customers arrive to test your stylistic skill. If the customer requests a specific style, you'll plow that furrow, or you can rely on your expertise to pick from over thirty popular fashions... Or why not turn over a new leaf; be creative and see how they react!

They're a demanding bunch, so if you miss an appointment, you'll hear about it-on your Wii Message Board. But, if you do a good job, you may receive a gift or even a postcard from an exotic destination, as your happy customers travel to distant lands and show off their exquisite coifs.

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Has Zoonami assembled the perfect hairstyle for all ages?

If you were randomly asked which developer had the most well-known franchises under its belt, you’d likely respond by saying Nintendo. With series such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon, it isn’t difficult to see why. It should...

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Philip_J_Reed said:

I wonder what this idea grew from. It's the kind of thing that makes you want to sit back and veg out. Of course I can't see myself playing it very mulch.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

On the bright side this game has achievements, something first introduced in some earlier WiiWare games (i.e., the Badges system) like Pop (and there were 2/3 others). Let's hope this is a sign of things to come...

As for the game itself, it DOES seem overpriced but then again, it IS Nintendo... I suppose it would have some appeal but I dunno, even if I had Wii Points right now, I'd be highly skeptical before buying. It'll be interesting to see the kind of approach that's taken with the review for this game.



Crazed said:

No offense Nintendo, but this looks like Grade-A shovelware. Some reasons why I believe My Aquarium did so well was that it was good, it was a launch title for WiiWare, and it is cheap. None of these reasons appear to be true for this title. Anyone that might consider this title probably already has My Aquarium, and even though I'm not a fan of My Aquarium, I would much consider that title over this.

Granted, I would love the review to prove me wrong, but I highly doubt that will happen.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yet another user is passing judgments on the game before even seeing what the game is like. gasp What a shocker...

@Toddr: Yep, thank you. That's another game. This could be a hint... You never know. If they ever DID do an Achievements system on Wii, I'd have no reason to envy 360 gamers (Achievements system is the only thing on 360 that I love over Wii). Mind you, I'm sure MS would complain saying "Oh, you copied us" meanwhile there's always the argument against them for their avatars...

Back on that, though, I'm sure there was one other game I'm forgetting....



cyrus_zuo said:

Was thinking the same thing...a game that I have no interest in playing.

Then I read an interview with the dev: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=22985
...and I was a little more interested...especially the reference to Flower...I like the approach of that game, I like games aimed at adults (not the AO or M type...the enlightening make your life more type)

The video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWNSZNkyoiI) is interesting, clearly not shovelware, I'm thinking it has as much polish as Jungle Speed, which I think is one of the best polished/most underrated games on the service. I think I'll pick this up and see how well they captured the humor and social sensibility they mentioned.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@cyrus_zuo: Nice to see you again since the release of Big Kahuna Party! Plan on announcing any new games soon? :)

And yes, I 100% agree that Jungle Speed is one of the most underrated and most overlooked games on the WiiWare service. No question about it. I'm a big fan of it.



Kirk said:

I think I'm actually going to buy this because it looks cool and since my mate did the art for it I really should lol



Dancy said:

I bought this game last night and it was very different than anything I have ever played. I am hoping it was worth the money. Guess I will find out shortly! :)



Tate24 said:

i downloaded this yesterday and its really unique!! it reminds me of animal crossing were every day brings something new and you'll want to see it all. u only get 5 customers a day but u can practice on plant with any of styles u unlocked or use you creativity!! and take photo post it on wii message board and send it to friend. This what wiiware all about unique games that push envelop!! Bravo!!



MattL said:

@Tate24: Yes, this is awesome fun. And very addictive too. You're right in what you say, this is what WiiWare was created for, imaginative games designers delivering original products.

Don't you think it has a quality Nintendo feel to it? I can't help but smile when Maizy shows up in the shop with Beaky :)



wiiwareaddict said:

WOW! Don't know why I did not download this one sooner.....My kids love this one.I must admit i catch myself playing it too. 10/10



WaveBoy said:

Haha. that's awesome! I plan on pickingBonsai Barber up in the next couple of weeks. Another 'neat' demonstration of Wii pointer controls and an experience that could only be done on the wii....up until those other ' HD twins' copied Nintendo's successful motion controls. :p

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