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The planet Monsteca is no longer the harmonious world it once was.

It's been overrun by a robotic army that's determined to rule and conquer. Monsteca natives known as the Stompies have no choice but to run. Unable to defend themselves against such heavy machinery, the Stompies must rely on the strength of their herd to work together and defeat the meddling robots.

Take control of the Stompies, cute and not-so-bright monsters who need help to avoid being captured by invading robots. It's your duty to guide them successfully through each level. This fun, full-3D strategy game has a strong sense of flow, offering 20 levels to conquer and many hours of game play.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Pikmin-like play that packs a punch

A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots is refreshing, both in its quirky tone and its strategic demands. What starts off as a seemingly simplistic mechanic – guide a herd of creatures around to collect bubbles – eventually evolves into a surprisingly...

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rjejr said:

Can somebody rewrite the game profile in English, it's giving me a headache?

This looks more like a combination of the creature/tribal/civ stages from Spore than Pikmin. For 500 points if it controls well it could be family fun. Are the 4 players co-op or competitive?



anigman said:

no weirder than a plumber in red dungarees chasing round a world populated by mushrooms and turtles being hounded by giant clouds?

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