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For the first time on any Nintendo console - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 delivers completely updated features and the most comprehensive Tekken experience to date. Play with the largest Tekken roster ever, in all new stages, utilizing fully re-engineered multiplayer functionality for optimum online matches. Enjoy exclusive Wii U features including special battle modes and exclusive costumes. Play like a pro with easy shortcuts on the Gamepad. The sickest combos, amazing graphics and best selling fighting game franchise of all time is here - get ready for the next battle!

  • Mushroom Battle - Pick up different mushrooms to enable unique power-ups
  • Exclusive Costumes - customize with Nintendo cross-over costumes
  • Touch Panel Moves - use the Gamepad touch panel to execute move sets and combos
  • Multiplayer Match - fight in a 2-on-2 tag team battle, 1-on-1 or 1-on-2
  • Pair Play - the ultimate team brawl with up to 4 players each controlling a character
  • Fight Lab - learn the mechanics & combos of Tekken + customize combot's moves & appearance
  • Largest Roster - More than 50 playable characters - the biggest Tekken roster ever
  • Tekken Channel - replay video of matches to analyze your hits & misses for the next fight
  • New Stages - Fight in your favorite countries and locations around the world
  • Tekken Tunes - mix in-game music to play to a new soundtrack or import your favorite songs
  • Classic Modes - Arcade, ghost, versus, team, time attack & survival
  • Customization - the most detailed set of customization options yet seen for Tekken

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Posted by Joe Walker

Tag, you're it

For as well known a household name as Tekken is, it’s strange to realize that it’s never made its way to a Nintendo home console at any point. There have been handheld offerings on the Game Boy Advance and 3DS, but portable fighters are rarely more...

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FiveDigitLP said:

If anyone is considering this for the Wii U and likes fighters, definitely get it. It's quite enjoyable and the Nintendo costumes makes things all the more hilarious. It's probably one of the best Tekken in years.

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