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Star Fox is back, only reimagined on the Wii U using Miyamoto’s new GamePad-based controls.

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xerneas said:

Naming games in a numerical order or by the console they're on is trending for Nintendo atm apparently. I sure hope they don't continue that for this and Zelda etc...



piggie_pie said:

@xerneas yeah, i remember when the SNES came out and a bunch of titles had the word "Super" in front of it... N64 was the same... Didn't see that on the GameCube (my favorite Nintendo console)... But you are right that it is a Nintendo trend that has gone on for generations.



Alucard83 said:

@piggie_pie Nintendo, now your playing with power, super power. Voila. I remember those adds in the past. I was so blown away as a kid. I so loved my nes



audiobrainiac said:

It'd be awesome if they give players the option of a first person, cockpit view and free roaming in space battles instead of everything on rails, though I love the old games :)

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