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Funky Barn (Wii U)

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Slap on your straw hat and grab your Wii U GamePad

Veteran developers Tantalus are bringing their collection of whacky contraptions and goofy gizmos to the sandbox genre in ways never before imagined thanks to the innovative Wii U GamePad. Using the touch screen, players can pick up their animals and interact with them one-on-one, manage an array of crazy farming machines, and erect buildings. They can even shake fruit from the trees with all-new GamePad gyroscope.

It won't take long for gamers to become immersed in their growing farm as they also manage livestock, crop fields, and a wide variety of unique farm machines. In such an open farming world, gamers can focus on the aspects of farming they find to be the most fun.

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Posted by Mike Mason

E - I - E - I - oh

If you're looking for the most happening place on Miiverse, look no further than the community for Funky Barn. Filled with sketches of animals in sunglasses and musical references, it's become a haven for memes and the friendliest trolling you've ever...

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farfromsleep said:

Not sure I'm equipped to handle the sheer funkiness on display here. Not sure anyone can ever be.

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