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The Girl and the Robot (Wii U eShop)

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A girl trapped in a lifeless castle built upon ancient arcane technology, and ruled by an evil queen. One fateful day, she escapes her prison cell and encounters a malfunctioning robot knight that she decides to free. They must work together to unravel the mystery of the castle in time to escape with their lives.

The Girl and the Robot is a third person action/adventure game for the Wii U eShop set in a fairy tale world.

The game brings the thrills of classic games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ico, and pairs them with the sense of wonder and adventure found in animated movies such as those from Studio Ghibli.

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News: The Girl and the Robot is Officially Coming to Wii U

The Girl and the Robot is Officially Coming to Wii U

Reaches Kickstarter stretch goal with just hours to go

Last week we reported that indie developer, Flying Carpets, had added a Wii U eShop stretch goal to its Kickstarter campaign for The Girl and the Robot, after achieving the project's initial goal of $15,000 CAD. The title, which draws inspiration from classic games such as The Legend of Zelda:...

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Dreamz said:

I saw the trailer for this a few days ago and it looks rather promising, with what looks like a solid gameplay foundation and nice art direction. I'll definitely give the game a shot when it releases, assuming the price point is right.

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