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In this scrolling shooter, take control of a hi-tech gunship and blast your way through six different stages to protect Earth from an invading menace.

Your ship is armed with standard guns, as well as a powerful homing laser. Your guns can fire bullets directly ahead, damaging any enemies they collide with. By using your homing laser, you can lock on to up to four enemies at a time. When a green target appears, fire the laser and it will pursue the targeted enemies and bring them down! Connect to Miiverse to interact with other players. On completing a stage, a Miiverse posting form will be displayed, allowing you to post your comments for others to see. Your play data will also be contained in any post you make. When the viewing of Miiverse content is enabled, other users' data will also be displayed in game. You can see their scores and where they were defeated. Try to beat them all and be the very best!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Shoot meh up

Although there are plenty of shoot 'em ups to pick from on the Wii Virtual Console, new games in the genre tend to be quite rare; as a result it's always exciting to see a new addition to a challenging field. Developed by a relatively unknown developer...

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maceng said:

What, no videos or images? I'm a sucker for shooters (specially things like nano assault and liberation maiden), so I was waiting for something like this. No info on their website neither.



mozie said:

Plenty on youtube, looks alright, standard vertical shmup fare.



sarethums said:

Looks like no hitbox, probably no stick support, not so nice graphics, looks like 69p xblig game but costs £10, there is no way this game can compete with any shmup that came out within the last 25 years, i recommend and cave shooter on 360, xevious on any platform, namco arcade on psn, tons of games before this.

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