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Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara brings reworkings of two of Capcom’s classic arcade hits - Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara – together in one definitive digital package for current generation platforms.

Just as in the arcades, up to four players will select their character class before doing battle against the mythical beasts from the Dungeons and Dragons’ universe with a mix of melee, range and magic attacks.

  • GGPO Enhanced Online With Drop-in/Drop-out Co-Op Play: Community-trusted GGPO powers a smooth online experience that allows up to four players to drop in or out of games in progress at will.
  • Classic Arcade Gameplay with a New Twist: Players can enjoy the original arcade modes or mix up the gameplay with House Rules that can completely alter the experience.
    Some examples of House Rules:
    Unbreakable - Equipable items have infinite durability. Never worry about breakage again!
    Enemy Rush - Fight against time in this special Time Attack Mode. Start the game clock with 30 seconds and increase the clock with each enemy you kill!
    Make it Rain – Get rich quick! Enemies and chests drop tons of gold!
  • Challenge System: A newly introduced RPG-like system that fits on top of the existing games and provides a myriad of challenges for players to complete. Players can level up and obtain Vault Coins to be used in the Vault.
  • The Vault: A treasure trove of unlockables and gameplay loot can be purchased with Vault Coins earned via the Challenge System.
  • Character Visualizer: This UI visualizer tracks which characters the players and their friends most often use. Players can utilize the tool to create a more balanced multiplayer dungeon crew, or to see which under-used characters they should try out next.
  • Leaderboards & Connected Arcade: Players can track how they stack up against their friends through leaderboards, as well as view a full breakdown of gameplay related stats.
  • Wii U Touch Screen Enhancements: Wii U players will be able to select spells and items with ease using the touch screen leading to a seamless gameplay experience.

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Posted by Lee Meyer

Worth the wait?

After several delays and well publicised development issues, Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara has finally launched on Wii U; while it’s not without issues, the wait was worth it. Developed by Iron Galaxy Games, Chronicles of...

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User Comments (11)



Relias said:

They play alot like Golden Axe and are awesome.. well worth the purchase.. especially the one that has The Wizard and Rouge..



GearsOfWarU said:

Has this game been released yet??? its July 3rd and I can't find it... actually looking to purchase this because it looks like Golden Ax and its 4 Player CoOp



TreonsRealm said:

@GearsOfWarU It's out on everything else (PC, PS3, 360) but the Wii U version is supposedly still in the "approval" process according to Capcom. While this is possible, I find it a little suspect considering how many indie developers claim that Nintendo allows self publishing on eShop. Capcom managed to have RE: Revelations and Monster Hunter as well as multiple Virtual Console titles hit the eShop with no real problems so I am curious what the actual hold up is on D&D.



Relias said:

Well yes.. though to be fair she is technically called Thief in the game.. Sorry...



letsplay said:

I'm disappointed with local play; only 1 player. Come on Capcom bring 4 player local.

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