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The world's most popular party video game is getting a lot crazier in Mario Party 8. Whether you're shaking up cola cans or lassoing barrels, you and your friends will be drawn into the action like never before using the Wii Remote™.

  • Play with motion control: Players row their way through a river race, punch a statue to pieces, steer race cars, mopeds and go-karts and handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope.
  • Play using the Pointer: Shoot at Boos in a haunted house, rag and drop toppings in a cake-decorating competition, select the correct answers in game show challenges.
  • Play using the Wii Remote's buttons: Players jump and pummel their way through a football brawl, hop and run across a field of spinning platforms
  • Mario Party 8 also includes dozens of new minigames, six new party boards and many new game modes. In a series first, players can transform their characters into many forms, such as player-smashing boulders and coin-sucking vampires. Mario Party 8 also includes "extra-large" minigames like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. One to four players can play Mario Party 8, each with a Wii Remote.

Game storyline: In Mario Party 8, a whimsical ringmaster has invited Mario™, Peach and the rest of the crew to his carnival, a perfect setting for the dynamic spectacle of the Wii game play. Mario Party 8 keeps the surprises coming with minigames that draw upon the Wii Remote's motion, pointing and button control in a variety of ways. Players always know how to jump into the action by watching an animated tutorial that shows how to use the Wii Remote.

How to progress through the game: Following tradition, Mario Party 8 takes the social, strategic game play of board games and adds breaks for quick, action-oriented minigames. In the main mode, players travel across six boards in search of Stars, landing on spaces that are helpful (example: giving coins) or a hindrance (example: sending Bowser in to mess with the player). Several variations for these boards tweak the main goals to enhance game play for solo sessions, two-player games and three- to four-player games.

In addition, Mario Party 8 includes four more minigame-infused kinds of board games, such as Tic-Tac Drop, where players earn the right to put the next mark on the board by winning a minigame.

Characters: Mario Party games are a celebration of all things Mario, so you can play as 14 classic characters, the widest selection yet for the series, including newcomers Hammer Bro and Blooper. You'll also bump into many old friends and foes that span 20+ years of Mario games.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Beyond using the Wii Remote's motion and pointer control, this eighth game in the Mario Party series goes its own way with two major changes:

  • Players can transform their character using candy power-ups. Examples: When Peach eats Bowlo Candy, she'll turn into a Peach-faced ball and bowl over characters to get their coins. When Wario™ eats Vampire Candy, he'll sprout wings and fly off to suck the coins from all other players.
  • A more engaging view of the action puts the player "on the board" with his traveling character, no longer far above the whole board looking down.

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FJOJR said:

Not really the best of the series but it still has that fun factor.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

No review for this, hm? Interesting. Some of the boards are really good in this one.
edit: Genre is "Creative"? Okayyyy.... Shouldn't it be Board Game?



Yellowkoopa said:

I hope this game is as good as the last 7. The game looks very addicting and should be fun to play.
Edit: It's alright.



nintendonerd147 said:

The next mario party shouldnt be overfiled with characters. it should only have 12 characters on it. my character wish list, Veterans Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Dasiy, Waluigi, Toad, Boo. Newcomers Shy Guy and Diddy Kong.



ToadFan said:

I think this is the 3rd best.. Mario Party 2 Number 1 and Mario Party 7 Number 2.



ToadFan said:

@Nintendonerd147 Comment 8.

I don't it that overfilled with characters. It isn't that much of a choice of different characters. I mean Super Mario Sluggers would be way to much characters for the Mario Party. I think in the next entry (if there is one) that they should have all the characters had last time plus Rosealina, Diddy Kong and Toardworth as New Comers.



D33G said:

Man, I have this game, but it isn't that good. I think that the motion controls suck.



Simon_Deku said:

This game is so underrated! And why does dragoon always agree with me? He's like rocky's clone!



Hokori said:

I wonder if I should get this? I want a MP game, but ive heard 8 was the worst



ChaosTheChao said:

Come on guys, what's so bad about this game anyway? The mini-games are fun, The boards are cool the modes are widespread. Admittedly it's not the best in the series but it''s still a good game.



HawkeyeWii said:

Thinking about picking this up. I have played the crap out of MP9 so I kind of need a new MP game to play. Also thinking about downloading MP2, because I heard that is the best one.

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