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Go wherever you like! Play as much as you want!

From snowcapped mountains to the bright lights of a bustling cityscape, Go Vacation gives gamers the option to take part in heated street races, relaxing scuba diving excursions and pulse-pounding skydiving sessions and more — all accessed by actually visiting each location in-game instead of simply choosing them from a menu. With support for a whole suite of Wii hardware accessories, including the Wii Balance Board™, the Wii Zapper™ and Wii MotionPlus™, every activity offers a fun and natural control scheme that allows gamers to easily jump in and play.

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Posted by Mark Reece

Be prepared for economy class... if you're lucky

Since the launch of the Wii and the success of its pack-in title Wii Sports, it seems that there isn't a major publisher or developer that hasn't had their finger in the mini-game collection pie. Most of these copycats have either been inoffensively...

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News: Share Holiday Photos, Win a Holiday in Go Vacation Contest

Share Holiday Photos, Win a Holiday in Go Vacation Contest

Seems a fair swap

Go Vacation is out in Europe today, and to promote the game Nintendo is offering a weekend break to the south of France for the winner of a new competition. Submit a holiday photo of you and up to three friends and, if it's the funniest, you could win a weekend for two at the Club Med Opio en Provence, which offers golf, a spa and, of course, a flying trapeze. Second and third..

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Check out the open-ended adventure/sports/relaxation game from Namco Bandai, coming later this year

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Aye. Since the trailer way back in E3, some games media sites like NGamee have been raving about its potential. Think you can use all the Wii's peripherals in this too.



Reggie4Life said:

Have a lot on my list right now Wii and 3DS wise, and can't decide whether to get this or Skylanders. I might pick this up today!



RightHemisphereG said:

It filled the gap between Diddy Kong Racing/Mario KartWii & Sports Resort,The multiplayer is the games strong point, controls are not broken just far to simple N twitchy. tip:"tilt with nunchk alone, followed by the remote when needed for the sharper turns, keeping Wiimote upright during play makes it better to pull off your tricks". Got it on sale $20 it's been great fun for bargain. 7+



VinceGamerX said:

I cant seem to find the avatar with the brown spikey hair in my avatar selection. He appears in photos (the ones above) 1-11 and 14-16. Does anyone know where to get him?

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