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Male, Canada

Wed 7th Aug 2013

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VinceGamerX commented on Go Vacation:

I cant seem to find the avatar with the brown spikey hair in my avatar selection. He appears in photos (the ones above) 1-11 and 14-16. Does anyone know where to get him?



VinceGamerX commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

This review is absolutely wrong. I first had Wii Sports Resort (it came with my Wii) and enjoyed the swordplay and wakeboarding. Although, something was missing: Freely Roaming around the island. Then I got Go Vacation. I loved the roaming because im a sucker for 3D free roam stuff. I mean, yes, the controls for ATV, Off-Road Car and Snowmobile are a bit hard to turn, there's nothing really wrong with the game. Ive had many fun times on this game and still have lots of fun. I dont see whats wrong with the multiplayer. I only have 2 Remotes and Nunchuks so i play with my brother. We both love the game and most certainly always will. 4/10 is wrong. So wrong. I give this game a Huge, Definite, Solid 9/10