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Starring Mama herself, making her babysitting debut!

Part of the best selling Cooking Mama franchise that has sold nearly 7 million games!

Tuck your Wii Remote into baby, connect your Nunchuk and watch your huggable newborn come to life! Put the baby to bed in the cradle packaging when the game is not in use

Play more than 40 activities: rock the baby to sleep, feed the baby; burp, change, massage and dress the baby; play peek-a-boo and hide and go seek; take baby’s picture and play games with baby; clean and wash the baby and many more games designed specifically for younger girls

Includes 6 different baby characters, each with his/her own personality and individual needs. Each baby also has a different level of difficulty

Audio cues play through the Wii Remote inside the baby so it’s as if the baby doll is responding directly to the player

Supports 2 player play to see who is the better Mama

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Colors said:

I want to get it to play the burp game and then whack in on the counter and see what happens.

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