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Ai Chō Aniki (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Ai Cho Aniki which translates to "Love Super Big Brother" — was developed by Masaya and also released for the PC Engine.

In this game, players controlled Samson and Adon directly. A key difference in the control scheme of Ai Cho Aniki is that instead of rapidly pressing buttons as a means of firing at enemies, players now had to input intricate button combinations, Street Fighter-style. By and large, Cho Aniki and Ai Cho Aniki play very similarly.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Possibly the maddest shooter of all time

Thanks to Nintendo making imports available on the Virtual Console, you've probably come across Chō Aniki: a shooter on the PC Engine in the same mold as Gradius and other side-scrollers, but with some rather unconventional enemies and a lot of muscles...

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blackknight77 said:

Why do Japanese developers feel the need to do so many parodies of the sport of body building?



vio said:

Say what you want about this games extremely gay overtones, but this(and the first game) have some of the best graphics on the PCE/TG16 IMO. Really nice animations and great music too. I hope like the first one, this is released in North America as an import title.



Sean_Aaron said:

How is it a parody? I think it treats it with much respect. And this game is amazing. Review is going live imminently!

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