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Prince of Persia (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Sheik, rattle and roll towards your destiny, o fearless one.

The award-winning computer software adventure that has people everywhere rattling their sabres is here for Super NES. And now the animation is more detailed, and the controls more responsive. There's even a five-part training mode for sharpening your running, jumping, climbing and sword fighting skills.

But the sands of time are against you. For you must survive 20 perilous stages, rescue the princess from the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar, and claim the royal residency all before the hourglass is empty.

Beware the unpredictable floors and ceilings, gut-splitting guillotines, hidden spikes, walls of flames and more. Jaffar's spells spell doom if you're not crafty and nimble. And a legion of savage servants, amazons and immortal skeletons will do his barbaric bidding. Even your own alter ego is the enemy.

Pass through invisible doors and walk through space portals. Find vessels of magic potion, but partake of them wisely. They may increase your life or just as easily poison you. So take each step with caution, young would-be prince, or the entire kingdom with suffer the darkest Arabian night ever.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Worthy of the throne

Most gamers are familiar with the original Prince of Persia. Its incredibly realistic animations, created by Jordan Mechner from hours of video footage of his brother running and jumping around, made it an instant hit, and it's still one of the most...

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User Comments (11)



arrmixer said:

I honestly don't remember there being a snes version of price of persia in the states... kool



Kurachi said:

i dont like prince of persia games, but i like to see the VC being back to life, as long as there will be more to come



astarisborn94 said:

I am honestly surprised that this game got in the Virtual Console. Konami published the US version, there were two defunct companies involved, and Ubisoft now owns it. There must have been some messy legal issues to get this game in.

Either way, if it hits here, I am buying it.



Zork2 said:

Will buy. But what I'd really like to play again is Out of This World.



SNK said:

is there blood in this version,because i remember there was in the japanese version but wasnt in the original pal version?



Caster8 said:

SNK i was going to download this but not sure now ive seen the trailer , looks a bit basic , think i got it on Mame anyway

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