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Shadow of the Ninja (Wii Virtual Console / NES)

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It's the year 2029 A.D. and the evil dictator, Emperor Garuda, controls the largest city in America.

Two people, Hayate and Kaede, are hired to infiltrate his stronghold in order to assassinate him.

When reports reach Emperor Garuda, he feels an inner chill, for he knows the invaders are ninjas.

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Posted by Mat Allen

Ninja master or a shadow of glory?

Ninjas suddenly gained popularity during the 1980s, what with their cool moves, cool clothes and unashamed ability to kick ass. It's murky as to why exactly this happened but the legacy left within the fields of media was huge, ranging from the American...

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KeeperBvK said:

I remember this from a Retrocore episode. Always thought it looked awesome, so I guess I consider myself excited...



Kurachi said:

i dont know the game, but has same sounds as TMNT (nes)
i never played it, so cant understand whats fun about it :p
its just not my kind of game, but its ok for a platformer, i guess



hankola said:

Awesome. This is a true classic. Tight controls, fun levels (the gear level is pretty fun!) The two person co-op made it feel like the best version of a ninja gaiden type adventure ever!



Pepe said:

Cool, it looks like ninja gaiden but with better music!!!

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