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QIX (Game Boy)

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In the timeless gaming classic QIX piece by piece you capture areas of the screen while steering away from challenging enemies within the ever-shrinking play area.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Get your QIX fix, dudes and chix!

QIX is the story of... aw, forget it. The eShop download screen has more of a story than QIX does, but that's a good thing. It means that the game can be played over and over again without feeling even slightly repetitive. The gameplay isn't just...

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tovare said:

A game like this could have had a proper 3DS remake in the same price range, and it deserves some colors :-) ... it doesn't take that many days to make a game like this and would be much better using the entire 3DS screen. Addicting game though, might pick it up anyway due to lack of alternatives.



tovare said:

I've never played the GB version before. Pretty cool tune and audio considering the platform. Setting the screen to green is good for this game.

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