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Coming from the north, Olaf the Viking's comical horde is set to make waves on your Nintendo DSi.

The Viking drakkars are sailing up the rivers to your castles and it's up to you to construct fortifications so they do not pillage everything you own. But watch out: the more you defend yourself, the greater the waves of Vikings become. Fortunately the experience you gain will help you to build even more powerful defences. Thwart all your assailant's ruses and unlock new kinds of buildings.

Can you rise to the challenge and prevent Olaf from pillaging all your valuables for his sweetheart Olga?

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Posted by Adam

Pillage the village!

Viking Invasion by BiF is a tower defence game that puts the player in charge of protecting various castles and forts from hordes of Viking invaders. The game takes a slightly different approach to the standard tower defence set up, with foes pouring in...

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Macaronius said:

another tower defense game is always good :) with this and fieldrunners, dsiware is looking better and better



smithers43 said:

hmmm....not quite what i expected i was especting vikings running through your lands and towns and villages and you can upgrade ramparts and add traps and stuff..not all this water play but we'll see how it turns out



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I love these kinds of games but I'm not too too hopeful for this one. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.

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