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Sudoku Student brings you the first Nintendo DSiWare sudoku experience with all the features you’d expect.

For “students” of sudoku who are just getting their feet wet, Sudoku Student comes with a full tutorial. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, jump into simple and easy-going sudoku puzzles. Designed for entry- to beginner-level players, you’ll find just the right amount of challenge to keep you hooked.

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Posted by Adam

Less points, less puzzles, same difference?

Sudoku 50! For Beginners is, in essence, a scaled down, dramatically easier version of the recently released Sudoku 150! For Challengers. It seems a little odd that Hudson decided to release the more difficult game first and not release both titles...

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LGamer said:

Okay, I admit, I'm a Sudoku-beginner... and 200 points... Well, I don't know yet.

PS: First



aoeder said:

I would prefer the Brain Age Express: Soduku version rather than this... but I guess I'll just have to wait and see...



Gogata said:

I downloaded this and it is really good. I think that it is the same game as the expert version, except it has less puzzles.



Gogata said:

Well, not really but i think that this is better to get because you pay 300 points less...



jhuhn said:

This game is scheduled for a July 27, 2009 release in North America as Sudoku Student.



noname875 said:

For anyone who is a beginner at sudoku, before getting either of the other sudoku games on DSiWare, i recommend this, it has a lot of good features that will help newbies, for example, unlike brain age sudoku, it does not have limited mess up's.

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