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Starship Patrol takes tower defence into outer space! Defend your starship fleet from waves of enemy attacks using a combination of strategic skills and resource management.

Plan your defence on the Touch Screen by attaching weapons to your ships in strategic positions. Use energy collected from defeated enemies to purchase new and more powerful weapons, and look out for rare power crystals that unlock advanced attacks, including the ability to summon a devastating black hole!

Defend your fleet across 30 intense levels while advancing your rank from lowly recruit all the way to fleet admiral! Are you up to the challenge?

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Q Games has another hit on its hands.

Tower defence games haven't exactly been a popular genre for long, but they're already starting to become boring to most. After all, fending off endless waves of enemies by strategically placing turrets is fun the first time, but any more than that and it...

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3230ru said:

q-games! tower defense! Yeah! I am ready to buy!! Finaly something good on DSiWare after several weeks of.... of something not good.



Bobpie said:

With the undeniable awesome-ness of INTERSECT and Reflect Missile, this looks like an instant buy for me.



Xkhaoz said:

I'm getting this after I get Shantae, after I get Dark Void Zero and Touch Solitare. I love tower defense games, and by Q-games? Of PixelJunk Monsters fame?!? Sign me up!



IanUniacke said:

This is my favourite game on dsiware so far. I only wish there was more of it but it's still great value for it's price.



them0pfrommars said:

best game i eve bought for £5. the music is Attack! Koopas fleet from the Super mario galaxy sountrack.



LordWotton said:

I love this one. I appreciate the well balanced difficulty: challenging, yet never frustrating. And the designers did a great job with that minimalist look.

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