Oscar in Toyland (DSiWare)

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Meet OSCAR – the new kid on the block!

This fabulous jump and run game is easy to play, packed with hours of fun & non-stop action, 100’s of collectables & surprises!

In psychedelic Worlds of Candy, Soda Pop, Amusement Park Rides, Board Games, Fantasy Land & more, meeting lots of cool Toys and Animals in hidden rooms and Bonus and Bogus mini games. Use Wings to Fly, Springy Shoes to Jump and Oscar’s secret weapon – his magical Yo-Yo to swing on and zap enemies in some of the craziest platform levels you’ll ever play!

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Posted by Adam

A colourful trip down memory lane

Originally released as Trolls in 1992 for the Amiga, Super Nintendo and PC, Oscar in Toyland is a remake of what many consider an Amiga gaming classic. The game combines platforming with a “scavenger hunt” game mechanic which challenges the player to...

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Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

Oscar scares me......
I may still consider this if it gets good reviews.
I'd be suprised if it costs less than 800pts.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

yeah I agree with WhoKnew, this should be decent if not good. I want a megaman sequal for Dsi it would be awesomeness.



Macaronius said:

scratch that.... dsiware only takes up 40 mb of data
maybe if they make a dsi enhanced card for ssb ds they could make upgrades for it through dsi shop!



Kelvin said:

I played his a lot on the old Amiga (as Trolls), and it wasn't too bad. Quite fun in its own way, and incredibly colourful and vivid for its day.



colco said:

I love this game, I remember this game with a different central character a Troll on the Amiga and it was great fun. I think this game is even better and since I bought it at the weekend, I cannot put it down.
Its worth every one of those 800 points

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