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Get in gear for the super-charged thrill of driving the world's hottest cars and the flat-out fun of arcade-style racing.

Access awesome custom features such as the Camera Tag Editor. Snap images with the built-in camera and plaster racing environments with your personal tag. Touch controls give you the feel of real racing, too. Push it to the limit in up to 18 supercars, including the Pagani Zonda R, Porsche Carrera GT and Lamborghini Gallardo. You can also set your sirens off in the exclusive Super Pursuit Mode that lets you drive as a cop. Lay down the law in up to six never-before-driven police cars, including the Hummer H2 SUT.

Chase or be chased through 16 detailed tracks. Factor in tracks that can be reversed and you've got nearly 30 amazing runs to choose from. Accelerate through three streamlined tiers as you pull off extraordinary maneuvers, win awards and blow away up to three friends in local multiplayer mode. Feed your need for speed like never before on the Nintendo DSi system.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Fast and (mostly) furious

Need For Speed: Nitro-X has a lot going for it. It's a racing game on a download service that's saturated with puzzlers, for one thing, but it's also part of one of the most long-running and successful racing franchises around. Is it a stripped down...

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jhuhn said:

Looks like the expected release date for September 20, 2010 turned out to be false.



James said:

How strange! Obviously the Countdown Calendar was keeping it off the shelves. Maybe next week..!



X-145 said:

When will it hit the 'states!? I was actually pretty excited about this one. the only other good dsiware games are Mario vs. Donkey kong and
X-scape, and I've beaten them! I hope it comes to the dsi shop around christmas time...



LuWiiGi said:

@X-145 Believe me, there are more good DSiWare games, Shantae being the obvious choice (it got 10/10 here on NL).

Also, I hope this doesn't turn out like Asphalt 4, but it has bad graphics and I never get my hopes up for Ninty's download services these days.



sam322 said:

if anyone downloads it, then please tell me if it's worth buyin or not



X-145 said:

Atleast it finally came out. I hope its not a flop. Waiting for review.

I do agree with you, LuWiiGi. Those are just my favorite dsiware games.

I still need mor nintendo points!!!!

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