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Snap it. Change it. Share it.

MySims Camera is a Nintendo DSi camera application that utilizes popular MySims characters. You can take photos and overlay 3D MySims characters to bring them into the real world. The 3D characters can be animated, moved, scaled, rotated and cropped. You can also draw on the photos with the stylus or use the stamp tool to add more art and style. Create a unique frame and save the photos to the Nintendo DSi photo album to share with friends. With MySims Camera, you make picture taking with the MySims a fun creative experience for the entire family.

Special Features

  • Take photos with MySims characters!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Adam

Ever wanted to share a photo with a My Sim? No, we haven't either...

My Sims Camera is a simple program that requires an equally simple explanation; essentially, it takes animations from the My Sims series and allows you to edit photos taken with the DSi camera by placing characters and stamps into your photos in various...

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KeeperBvK said:

OMG, my sister's gonna love this. While I really like MySims Kingdom and Racing (yeah, they're REALLY good games) I definitely don't like them enough to warrant the purchase of the camera app.



WeeGee said:

Are you serious, all you can do is put in mysims characters, not worth 2 dollars!!!



Teodoro said:

@keeperBvK Your sister will totally not live this. all you can do is add sims to pictures. I regret buying this! If nintendo gave REFUNDS (yeah right) I would send it back in a heart beat. You're probably going to start on about refunds but really, DON'T BUY THIS!!



Prinplup_50 said:

Could Nintendo possibly make somthing like this? Like putting Poke'mon over your pics?



Tigus said:

its ok u get something if u put a sims game in the DSi i dont know wat it is dont play Sims.

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