Music On: Drums (DSiWare)

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The definitive beatbox for creating songs and rhythms!

With a library of 160 sounds, use your creative skills to assign them to each of the 8 tracks available per pattern, activate or deactivate each of the 16 steps that make up a track using the buttons or the stylus, and combine the 8 patterns to compose up to 64 songs.

Like a professional DJ, create and play in real time!

"Music on: Drums" includes a pre-recorded Song.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Hard to beat

Abylight's been putting out music games on DSiWare for a while, so you'd expect the Spanish studio to have it down to a fine art by now, but it's had a few bumps along the way. Thankfully Music On: Drums is a better outing than previous series entry Music...

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LuckyButtonPusher said:

EU release was December 24, 2010. This software beatbox is great! It has got some limitations (e. g. no effects and only 32 Patterns per song sequence) but it's still a quite powerful music application for the Nintendo DSi.



xPOTATOx said:

Looks stupid, unless the trailer is messed up, because you don't even hit on an actual looking drum set! Was waiting for a Music On: Drums, but this looks absolutely awful.



yodude said:

This is an excellent download, I think the review should have been higher, 9/10 for me for what it tries to do. I have all the other music applications for the DSi and found this one to be the most polished in appearance and fun to mess around with. You are limited as mentioned, but for what it is, it is great.

Just a note, if you are looking for something that is more complete music experience, you may want to try Rythm Core Alpha as that really packs a lot into a $5 download. May not be as pretty look at, but def wil enable you to do more musically.

Developers keep these types of applications coming!

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