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GO Series presents Let's Swing from Suzak.

Swing from bar to bar in this unique twist on the gymnastic sport "High Bar".

Make your way from start to finish across a room by only swinging from bar to bar. As the distance between the bars increases both horizontally and vertically you'll need to build up more and more speed before leaping. Collect as many items as you can on the way for bonus points.

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Not exactly the king of the swingers

The GO Series will be a familiar sight to DSiWare gamers. First seeing release in the West back in September, the quirky series has been a hit among gamers with its emphasis on gameplay over graphics. So from 10 Second Run, Defence Wars and Pinball...

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Sean_Aaron said:

Interesting, this appears to be G.G. Series Tetsubo with a new name and leaving off the G.G. Series monicker...

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