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The GO Series will be a familiar sight to DSiWare gamers. First seeing release in the West back in September, the quirky series has been a hit among gamers with its emphasis on gameplay over graphics. So from 10 Second Run, Defence Wars and Pinball Attack, we now have Let's Swing, a take on the gymnastic sport high bar.

There is only one basic mode available. The game involves you swinging from bar to bar to progress through a time-limited level until you reach the exit; the faster you reach the exit, the more points you earn as a time bonus. There's also a set of coins scattered across each level that can boost your score, and collecting them all will earn you a perfect rank as well as a 10,000-point bonus.

While this is pretty simple, it's quite fun at times but is slightly hampered later on by some annoying level designs, which make it quite difficult to reach the exit sometimes. The game also allows you to save your high scores, as well as record how many levels you've managed to achieve a perfect rank on, which helps add some replay value to the game.

The touch screen is not used at all. Instead, you use the D-pad for movement and A/B to jump or release yourself from a swing. It sounds simple enough but it can actually be rather difficult to get used to at first, as it can often be rather hard to time your swings correctly, but once you get the hang of it everything works quite well.

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Graphically, the game is similar in style to previous entries in the series. It's very basic, using a wire-frame style design for both the general presentation and the character, which isn't too flashy but it works rather well. Audio-wise there's not much here outside the same looping piece of background music between levels, but for what it is, it works fairly well with the graphical style.


Overall, despite its flaws, it's hard to be critical of the title, particularly at a price of 200 Points. With its focus on substance over style, pretty fun gameplay at times and some decent replay value, GO Series: Let's Swing comes recommended for the price.