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The howling sandstorms blaze across the barren plains.A violent storm is brewing on the

Get ready to repel the waves of enemies amidst the finely orchestrated chaos.


As the ground trembles, artillery is being massed in the distance.

If you are outnumbered by the enemy, move your units to high ground for a strategic


Use your AAA to shoot down enemy planes, fight off tanks with your guns and sink subs with
your missile launchers.

Master the battlefield by using the "Big One", a gun that will terrify and cause devastation
among all units, enemies and friends alike.


Expect your units to suffer losses under enemy fire! Repair and improve them because the
show must go on.

When the dust settles, you may have attained glory, even if the battle is lost.


  • 3D field management
  • 60 frames/second 3D engine
  • Dynamic music
  • Up to 300 units in real time!

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Posted by Zach Kaplan


odenis studio has built a good track record on DSiWare, with its capture-the-flag-on-wheels adventure Pop Island and its follow-up, Pop Island: Paperfield. Before that, however, it was responsible for the combat strategy Glory Days titles, and now it's...

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User Comments (10)



Imerion said:

Wow! This sounds and looks fantastic! And I wouldn't say no to another tower defence game if it's well done. One thing though: Multiplayer! Please let this support some sort of co-op or versus play. Perhaps two or more players could help construct the defence together. That would be awesome!



Ickaser said:

Yeah, that would definitely be a great addition, especially with download play.



CaptainH said:

@ Imerion: Even better would one person builds the defences while the other sends the waves of monsters



rgathright said:

Over a month since the announcement and no date set yet, wonder when this will be released?



ShadowDX1 said:

If you wanna know if the game is good, den i would probably suggest it, because it just keeps me busy. Its intense, since if you take ur eye off after round 50 den ull probably loose a life. But there is no stopping like in fieldrunners. The graphics are pretty good and der are over 3 lvls with like 5 types of enemy routes dat u can unlock and a few achievements. I would give dis game a 8/10



Zach said:

Don't worry, we're reviewing it, sometimes a review takes a little while though.

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