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Sharpen and show off your poker skills in two exciting game modes and take on up to 20 players in authentic showdowns. Put on your best poker face and challenge friends who also have a Nintendo DSi system and a copy of the game to a multiplayer match. Start with a practice game, play a round of classic poker, then jump into turbo tournament to win the grand prize. Buy your way into gambling halls and casinos, each with its own unique background, realistic tables, cards and chips.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

One step forward, two steps back.

We've already seen a host of card games released on DSiWare so far and Texas Hold'em seems to be the hot new card game to get. Hudson recently released its High Stakes Texas Hold'em onto the service to rather mediocre reviews and now EA is serving up its...

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Macaronius said:

Why is th card game called "hold 'em" not "hold them"? it's reeeeally messing with my OCD...



ramstrong said:

Where's the review? I have this game and I find the pace to be scary fast. Ever play poker where the ante is 10% of stakes? A bad run of cards will certainly ruin your day, and if that happens to be a tournament...well, you'll lose. The ante began low enough, but it got ramped up rather quick. Definitely not for turtles.

I like the variety of AI personalities, as well as different locations, but the game is definitely geared toward action-oriented crowds. No leisurely playing rock like Hudson's, to be sure. I feel that good as they are, the AI could have more variety. Those AI played like well seasoned pros. Better sharpen you bluffing skill a lot, buddy. You're going to need it!

Oh, and it does save game midway, should your game be interrupted, even though there was no message saying so. The game does have pizzaz presentation, if you're the kind of player who needs graphics more than gameplay. Music is really personal preference, but you can turn it off independently of sound effect. I really like that.

In all, a good computer game. Good polish on it, too. Less of a poker simulation, more of a game. If you like excitement, this will be right up your alley. Just don't complain that the AI are merciless. They are, and will bankrupt you every chance they get, just like good poker player should. And if the 4 to 1 odds against doesn't faze you, then you'll be having a jolly good time!



barucci2000 said:

I am waiting for this since long. Some card games are really cool on a handheld. EU will hit with this on the 19th of Februar. There is no limit ...

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