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Danger still lurks on Domo Island in this brand new instalment of DodoGo! Challenge.

Offering all-new challenges, hours more gameplay and more combinations to save (or break!) the precious eggs, your mission is to take up tools once again and attempt to lead the last remaining Dodo eggs to safety.

A touch-based game suitable for players of all ages, DodoGo! Challenge is full of surprises and bonus levels. And with over 100 “attractive” missions to complete, it’s one small step for Dodo, one giant leap up the world rankings on the official website!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

DodoGo! Hard Mode

A little over half a year ago, Neko Entertainment released DodoGo!, a charming, decently sized puzzle game not unlike Lemmings. Now they're back with a new instalment, but is it worth another go?The basic premise of DodoGo is still here. Your objective in...

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