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A little over half a year ago, Neko Entertainment released DodoGo!, a charming, decently sized puzzle game not unlike Lemmings. Now they're back with a new instalment, but is it worth another go?

The basic premise of DodoGo is still here. Your objective in each stage is to safely get at least one of the present eggs safely to the end, and you'll get better medals if you can bring multiple eggs through. You can't control any of the eggs, other than telling them to start and stop moving, but you can influence what they do by placing objects in their path like bridges, blocks and other stuff. If you do things to your eggs that they don't particularly enjoy (such as dropping them in water), they'll get displeased with you, which also influences your medal at the end. Keep your eggs happy!

There's a whole bunch of levels available (over 100, apparently), so the game will keep you busy for quite some time. If you're actually going to try to get a gold medal on each stage you'll be in for a rougher time than with the last title, because the developers did not mess around this time. Living up to its name, DodoGo! Challenge starts off much more difficult than the first game and keeps pouring it on, so if you did not play the original title, it may be wiser to start there. You've got two jokers at the start of the game which may be used to temporarily bypass any particularly nasty stages, but you'll have to beat the stages to get the jokers back should you use them.

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You'll still occassionally run into a bonus level, which will reward you with additional jokers or costumes for your eggs. Extra jokers obviously come in even more handy this time around, so it's a good idea to get as many as you can just in case you find yourself in a pinch.

In the end, not much has changed in DodoGo! Challenge compared to the original DodoGo! game. The only noticeable change is that the game is geared towards people who have already played the original, as the levels are a lot more challenging this time around. Everything else is practically the same.


If you enjoyed the original DodoGo! and want a bigger challenge (or simply more levels), then DodoGo! Challenge should easily suit your needs. If you're a newcomer, however, it may be smarter to get the original first just in case this one's too hard or confusing for you.