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Crazy Sudoku!

"Play Sudoku on the go and anywhere you want on your Nintendo DSi!"

The game features five different levels of difficulty – a challenge for Sudoku beginners and pros alike! Choose from two different grid sizes! (9x9 or 6x6) With the handy Note feature you can add comments to each and every cell and solve even the hardest Sudokus! Or try challenging a friend with the brilliant two player mode!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It is indeed crazy that we're still getting Sudoku games on DSiWare

Counting this new release, there are now nine Sudoku games available on DSiWare in Europe. Some offer a little more than others, but all in all it tends to come down to the price and amount of puzzles available. Crazy Sudoku does well in both areas, but...

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rayvin400 said:

has anyone heard of Crossword puzzles.I've heard people like them. Picross....that's good too.



Denkou said:

how many danged sudoku games does dsiware need? seriously, by now they have to have at least ten....

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