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Sparky has been entrusted to bring the light to the Crayon Castle before nightfall. The castle is so packed with candles that without your help he'll never make it in time!

Lead Sparky through over 100 colorful levels to collect matches and light candles. Use your stylus to select a target, and the little guy will move to it using the shortest route. Time is of the essence so there is a limited number of commands you can issue for each level! As you progress through the levels you will discover many secrets. Don’t be surprised to find bombs, puddles, treasures, or even dynamite!

Want to try something out of ordinary? Launch rockets filled with matches into space in a bonus mode. This unique, beautiful game for causal gamers will light a fire in the heart of every puzzle fan!


· Over 100 colorful levels drawn with crayons
· Standard mode, Space mode, and Bonus levels!
· Varied obstacles like bombs, puddles, or a dynamite
· Many ways to clear a stage!

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Candlelight delight

Candle Route is a unique and colourful puzzle game starring Sparky, a plucky, anthropomorphic flame charged with bringing light to Crayon Castle before night comes around. The adventure that follows feels a bit like a cross between ChuChu Rocket!,...

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Bassman_Q said:

Sounds interesting. And at least now we know it has more than one mode of play.



Stevie42 said:

I'm sometimes drawn to different puzzle games like this (another being Wario's Woods) and I'm really glad I was! It's relaxing and not too demanding to finish most levels and unlike so many puzzle games, if you get stuck in a stage without access to the internet you can still pass the level. Candle Route gives you hints, if you want them, for each stage in A mode of the first two moves.

I like mode B more though, and if I nitpick I sometimes get annoyed that once I'm done 10-20 levels of mode B I need to unlock more by playing more of Mode A. However, they're both enjoyable so it rocks for £1.80!

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