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Blayzbloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale pits Ragna, Rachel, Jin, Noel, Taokak and others against one another in five stages of rumble-and-tumble brawling action to see who's the best.

There's also a Free Battle mode you can play to your heart's content. Use items in battle to pummel your opponent into oblivion. Drive attacks and special moves may also come in handy to finish off your opponents. Do you have what it takes to become the best Blayzbloo brawler?

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A royale pain

Arc System Works' BlazBlue fighting games, with their unique anime-style visuals and enjoyable fighting engines, have become quite popular among fans of the genre. Of course, this makes it all the more confusing to see them take such a high-quality series...

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Platypus said:

The words super Melee and Brawl led me here.

Interesting a 3d fighter on DSI-ware. Looks like it may not make it out of Japan though.



GumbyX84 said:

I totally forgot about this coming out. Probably shouldn't get it since I have BlazeBlue: Continuum Shift, DQ 9, and a number of other games to play, but its looks too good to pass up. Also, its only $5. Sucks I can't just buy 500 points.... stupid Nintendo.....

Eagerly waiting the review, even though I'm going to buy it anyway.



Slave said:

Got it... and regretting it...
Here's a quick review:

There's only 5 characters... kinda bland...
1 button for attack
1 button for dash attack
1 button for jump
Thats it... no super moves, no special moves, no finisher or even combos... nothing.

you have 3 modes: Life: which is last man standing, capture the flag, which is lame because it's not the amount of time that you hold the flag, no, it's when the timer runs out, who is holding the flag that wins. and a mode where hitting your opponent makes them lose "ramen noodle" and its the player with the most ramen who wins.

there's about 5 stages with twists in them... one has air blowing randomly and pushing you slightly, another one where at certain moment you need to hid in graves in order to not get hit by lightning, and another one with a switch you can hit left or right and depending on the switch side, the floor of a certain side will open up and drop players who were on it into fire.

Seriously.... not worth the buy... you'll beat it through in about 20min... all 5 characters.... it's bland, missing a lot of content to be enjoyable, at least super moves and combos would've been nice... but no.. the only thing this is good, is that there is DS wireless multiplayer... but then again, after a match or 2 you and your friends will be bored of it



cheapogamer4life said:

I enjoy fighting games, but this one is just o.k. at best. Seems like this would be pretty nice if you ever could get a few other players for some wireless battles.



Tigus said:

Be nice to have a 3DS sequal with a few more characters and stages but like that would happen.

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